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the kind rising

Sneak peek at Book 2 of "The Kind" series.

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     Zack continued to move through the shadowy forest without being noticed, relaying information to Wyatt in Command. Carefully, he controlled his thoughts, not allowing emotions to slip through his connection with him. All around him, the fear and nervous excitement of his soldiers churned in the back of his mind, distracting but under control. 

     He will not let emotion, not his or anyone else’s, interfere with the mission. He scanned the dense trees for any signs of enemy troops. Catching motion out of the corner of his eye he raised a small dim flashlight and… 


     Stumbling backward, he peered around, hoping no one saw… or heard. Hand shaking, he raised the light again seeing his own icy blue eyes staring back at him. A bright scar glowed across his ghostly white face. It went from his hairline to the dimple in his chin, just missing his eye. 

     "Sic! I didn't know the shield would reflect like that," he mumbled to himself.

     Combing fingers through the mess of blond curls he grinned, intensifying the puckered scar across his lips. He didn't mind the scar. It's like a badge of honor proving his worth as a leader more than any rank. No one questions his authority, though. Even the few adult soldiers, with no superhuman abilities, respected him. Lieutenant Colonel Zack Barkley is the title he was given. He's their trusted leader, even though he isn’t old enough to shave.


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