The Kind:  awakened

Adeline, a nurse at a local Children’s Hospital, finds herself caught in the middle of a Government coup, guised as a pandemic. She accidentally stumbles across the cover-up of the superhuman side effects caused by the recent Flu-19 vaccine.

After a failed attempt on her life, Adeline is abducted and taken to an unidentified location. She is held captive along with a small group of adults, and an unknown number of children. Befriended by rebels, Adeline and the children work together to hone their newfound abilities and prepare for the ever-looming fight for freedom.

Elsewhere Adeline’s family and some friends gather to protect their children from the rising fear of the pandemic. As more and more children are taken by the Global Organizational Health Department (GOHD), their plan to collect all children with awakened abilities comes to light.

Realizing there is no one to turn to for help, Jack, Adeline’s husband, and a small group of heroes take action. Their mission: save Trey, their grandson, and the children at his school, and find Adeline.

Can two small groups, mostly children and a few old guys with no weapons, fight off an army and live to tell about it?

Will Adeline and the kids escape their captors and go home, or will they become the superhuman soldiers they are destined to be?

Did I happen to mention Supernatural side effects? O’Yeah.

This battle has just begun.

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